Unbreakable design tableware

  • Feels and looks like porcelain
  • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Usable in the Oven up to 140℃
  • Available in all colors and with your logo
  • Heavy duty quality gastronorm
  • 100% certified heavy quality melamine


About the Dutch Designs from Truyts Import®

Truyts Import® BV was founded in 2004 by Theo Truyts.  As a former designer and restaurant owner he was a busy man being a chef and running his own restaurant business. Because of his vast experience in the restaurant industry, he identified the needs of the service industry and realized what high quality tableware should be like. This knowledge combined with his background as a designer allowed him to put his passion into designing and developing unbreakable Design tableware.

Although he started from scratch, his passion and ambition quickly led to a company with over 100 own molds and tableware designs selling all over the world.

On request Truyts unbreakable tableware is available in almost every color and with any logo. Ask us for our color and mixed colors combinations as we have no limits when it comes to customized production. Your complete image or logo are manufactured within the product which creates a high quality and wear-resistant end result. This state-of-the-art manufacturing process makes all the Truyts’ produced tableware last for years.

The demand for Truyts products is high. New items are constantly being designed and every new item is sought after. Many businesses have discovered the unbreakable melamine products of Truyts Import® which are now available to you through YourBridge.

About YourBridge

YourBridge is bringing the highest quality products from all parts of the world to your area. We have a strict quality policy and only the best products which can be produced in high quantities will pass our selection process. These products are only available through our network of selected distributors who share our passion and are the leading providers in their markets.

For a list of these distributors please email us at support@yourbridge.ae

Do you have a product you would like to market in another area, do you want to become a distributor, or do you see other business support possibilities please check our website www.yourbridge.nl or email us.


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